An aromatic blend of smoky grilled red pepper and tomatoes. Vegetarian. Gluten and dairy-free.


East meets West in this rich, naturally creamy combination of pumpkin chunks and invigorating blend of curry and turmeric spice. Vegetarian. Gluten and dairy-free.


Slow boiled savoury soup with shredded chicken, oyster and shiitake mushrooms, vegetables. Gluten and dairy-free.



Savoury Soup that Warms the Heart

We are proud to acknowledge that our soups are made from scratch and slow-boiled for many hours. Holding fast to our ethos, we use wholesome, quality ingredients and thicken our soups naturally with vegetables. Our soups are also free from preservatives. Paired with our artisan breads, our soups are hearty enough to be savoured as a meal on its own.     Our soup selection changes daily, with all of our outlets serving them a rotating schedule, so as to provide you with a variety of our warming soups throughout the week. The product schedule is available on our Cedele website, and at all our outlets.   Our newest soup additions include our Chicken Mushroom Miso Chowder with generous servings of mushroom and chicken, our creamy Spinach Goji Berry soup with chickpeas and pumpkin, and our Broccoli, Portobello & Button Mushroom soup. These three soups are gluten-free. We are constantly racking our brains to come up with new, innovative and tasty flavours for our soups.   Some crowd favourites from our rotating schedule of soup include our curry pumpkin soup. East meets west in this rich, naturally creamy combination of pumpkin chunks and an invigorating blend of curry and turmeric spices. Make sure to also try our all-time comforting Chicken Noodle soup. Filled with shredded chicken, flat pasta noodles and root vegetables, it makes satisfying warm soup for cold, rainy days. Our Zucchini Chicken is a great way to get your fill of greens in a meal. The gluten-free, savoury, slightly nutty soup is made from a blend of grilled zucchini and lean chicken chunks.   We also offer our versions of familiar soup flavours. Our take on Boston Clam Chowder is a rich, creamy medley of fresh clams, celery, potatoes and herbs, slow boiled to the perfect consistency. We also have a Chunky Beef Stew which combines tender beef chunks and root vegetables into a hearty rich stew.