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Savour The Season With These Four Simple Tips

AS MUCH AS WE WOULD LIKE the festive season to be relaxing, the truth is that this time of the year can make us feel frenzied. Whether it is days of meet ups, cooking, hosting or last minute Christmas shopping, we often find ourselves struggling to stay afloat this year end. Not wanting you to struggle through this period, here are some simple tips that will help you savour the season, and appreciate how wonderful this time of the year can be.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Hosting a big holiday gathering can be extremely stressful, even if you’ve been doing it for years. You’re not superman, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Here are some suggestions:

Recruit your guests for small tasksGuests usually prefer to take on small tasks, instead of standing around while you attempt to do everything yourself. Don’t be shy to ask them to greet other arriving guests, offer drinks or set the table while you busy yourself in the kitchen.

Make it a potluck! Instead of bearing the burden of feeding everyone and slaving away in the kitchen, get each guest to bring a dish. You can even offer suggested dishes that will help the meal come together.

Save time and effort by ordering your food. There’s no shame in catering good food for your meal. You could order a turkey as the centerpiece for dinner. Or grab a log cake for a sweet end to the meal. For more ideas on how to satisfy all appetites, read our previous blog post. You can also check out our Christmas offerings on Cedele Market.


2. Embrace the Imperfections

Be satisfied with “good enough”. Face it, even the best laid plans often go awry. Make it a point to let go of the small things this season. Do presents really need to be perfectly wrapped when your nephew is going to tear them to shreds in seconds? Do you need to scrub your home from top to bottom so that it appears spotless for the holiday meal? Take a deep breath and let go, no one’s judging you.

Stick to the tried and true. A special gathering is not the time to experiment with a new recipe. It’s better to stick to what you can do, and do it well. That way you can focus on the people without stressing out on the preparations and menu.


3. Focus On What’s Important

Reconnect with loved ones. Send a personal text message or email to people you care about but have lost touch with. Keep it short – don’t feel like you have to update them on the last five years of your life.

Drop expensive or stressful rituals. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the dozen of Christmas cards you send out, choose to send 10 of the most important ones and put the rest on the back burner.

Have compassion. We know that family time during the holiday season is often more stressful than enjoyable. Instead of falling into familiar habits and frustrations, respond to your family members by putting yourself in their shoes, throwing in some humour and giving them a chance to do something better. Perhaps you’ll be able to break through the tension and learn to love your family more this season.


4. Show Yourself Some Love

Enjoy your treats the right way. Too much sugar is known to cause blood sugar highs and lows which in turn affect your mood and leave you feeling more anxious. Lauri Wright, PhD, RDN, assistant professor, department of nutrition and dietetics, University of North Florida, suggests small changes that can help significantly reduce your overall sugar intake. Instead of a handful, have just one cookie or a piece of candy so you can have a taste without overdoing it. Also, place your treat on a plate, then walk away from the rest of the goodies so that you won’t be in sight of more temptations.

Take time to reflect. What were your highlights this year? List what you would you like to achieve in the coming year, and start making plans to work towards it.

Find reasons to be grateful. Events around the world are a present and poignant reminder that life is precious and fleeting. Take time to be grateful for the luxuries and the little things: from loved ones to a simple good cup of coffee.

SO HERE’S TO A MORE JOYOUS SEASON! Keep your plans simple, and savour this season before it ends. Merry Christmas!