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A New Menu for Our Bakery Kitchen: Mindful Combinations for Your Wellness

OUR BAKERY KITCHEN MENU has served our regular community for over the past decade and we think it’s time for a change. The past 20 years of being well would not have been possible if we had not first focused on feeding you well. So with this new menu, we continue to strive to feed you better, focusing on providing wellness in our food one plate at a time.


Better Food Combinations

As our founder, Ms Cheng, plunged into the initial stages of revamping the menu, her extensive reading brought us to the research of William Howard Hay and the idea of Food Combining. More than just concerns about the matter of flavour pairings, the aim of Food Combining is to ensure healthy digestion – something that we, at Cedele, emphasize as well.

Simply put, foods digest at varying rates and require different digestive environments. A guiding principle of food combining is to avoid eating protein with starch, because:

  1. Protein requires an acidic environment and the digestive enzyme, pepsin
  2. Starch needs an alkaline environment and the digestive enzyme, ptyalin

Eating protein and starch together causes the body to release both acid and alkaline solutions, which neutralize each other and slows down digestion. This causes bloating, gas and discomfort.


Introducing Wellness First

With the Wellness First section in our new Bakery Kitchen menu, we have intentionally paired and combined foods that will make you feel good – foods that fuel you. So whether you have a busy day full of appointments, or you need a power lunch that will keep you alert, you can feed your body well and feel energised rather than sluggish thereafter.

To highlight the essential building blocks of any meal, our Wellness First section is divided by the sources of protein in each dish: plant, seafood and egg & meat.

bk menu behind the scenes

Instead of creating a menu that responds to current eating trends, we’ve challenged ourselves to look closely at how our food can heal and be an important aspect of healthy living. So after weeks of recipe testing and staff training, we are proud to present our new menu for our Bakery Kitchens, which strives to put your wellness first. Here are some dishes you can look forward to in each category:

Plant: Portobello Garlic Super Grains

Grilled Portobello and pumpkin sit atop a mix of super grains – red & brown rice, which will help keep you full for longer. This dish is also includes antioxidant-rich gingko nuts and sprouts, which are full of good vitamins and enzymes that aid healthy digestion.


bk menu portobello super grains
bk menu sea bass curried veg

Seafood: Grilled Sea Bass on Curried Vegetables

Enjoy our grilled sea bass, which is low in calories and a great source of protein – served on a bed of hearty, aromatic yoghurt curry vegetables, with fiber-rich garbanzo beans.


Egg & Meat: Garlic Grilled Chicken

Garlic lovers, this one’s for you! We serve grilled chicken thigh topped with crispy garlic bits with a side of warm miso chickpea salad, rocket leaves and millet. Although millet isn’t familiar to many, we chose this grain because it is easily digestible and a great source of minerals and fiber.


bk menu garlic grilled chicken

Excited to try our new menu? Visit our Bakery Kitchen outlets at Greenwich V, Parkway Parade, Hill V2, The Star Vista today. The new menu will also be available at of Raffles City level 3 outlet by the end of this month.