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Celebrating our Nation’s 52nd with a Bake Sale

ndp bake sale

Updated on 8 Aug: Our CBD outlets are closed during National Day but you can get your baked goods and other Cedele food at all other outlets during the National Day public holiday. Click here to locate your nearest Cedele outlet.

WE’RE CELEBRATING SINGAPORE’S 52nd birthday with a bake sale! We’re offering 20% off all our baked items that you takeaway: our cakes, pastries and breads. From 7 August to 10 August, drop by one of our outlets to pick up some baked goodies for your National Day plans. Head down to your nearest Cedele to grab some great bakes or if you’re heading out to see the fireworks on National Day and need some last minute picnic supplies, our Raffles City and Suntec City outlets are open and nearest to the parade grounds.

Here are some of our top recommendations that you can count on this National Day:

cedele bake sale cake

If you’re looking for local flavours this National Day, try our Gula Melaka Pandan cake. The soft, aromatic pandan cake is layered with kaya (steamed egg pandan custard) before it is frosted with a sweet-salty layer of gula melaka cream cheese and a sprinkling of fresh coconut flakes.

We also offer pound cakes which come in a wide variety of flavours. They’re great for sharing, especially if you’re going to be out watching the fireworks with a group of friends. Our Almond Semolina sugee cake is inspired by the old style Eurasian sugee cakes, textured with ground almond and semolina and scented with rose water. Other flavours include the citrusy Yuzu Cranberry and the popular Pandan Butter cake.


Cedele bread bake sale

Looking for a hearty loaf? We hold true to our ethos by making our breads without improvers, emulsifiers, premixes or artificial ingredients. We combine natural ingredients like fresh unbleached flour from a local mill every week, combining it with labourious traditions like a long fermentation process to honour the quality of slow preparation to yield our signature artisan breads. Choose from the heart-friendly Wholemeal 4 Seeds loaf to the flavourful and moist crumb of our Wholemeal Beetroot boule.

Cedele bake sale pastries

For sweet breads, try our low- fat Cinnamon Swirl, or smaller rolls which you can grab on-the-go. Pick up a classic Hot Cross Bun or a Raisin Brioche roll before you head over to watch the NDP fireworks, or how about some light bites with our buttery, flaky and just downright delicious pastries. We’ve got a selection that varies from outlet to outlet, but be sure to count on chocolate croissants, fruit tarts or savoury quiches as a midday snack to keep the picnic going!

ndp bake sale

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Have a great time at our bake sale, and here’s to more years of independence as a nation!