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Chiak – A Return to our Roots

IN OUR PREVIOUS POSTS, we’ve talked about what inspired Toss & Turn and Workspace Espresso Bar. CHIAK, on the other hand, is essentially a return to our roots. ‘Chiak’ is the dialect equivalent in Hokkien for ‘Eat’. Conceived as a homage to local homestyle flavours, we connect tradition with modern twists to our dishes so that we can keep ideas fresh whilst serving real food that comforts you like home.

Our Kopi

chiak coffee

At Chiak, we embrace and challenge all things traditional – especially our coffee. Sourcing from Bali, Indonesia, we’ve crafted a divine blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. While most local kopiĀ is roasted with sugar and margarine, we take it up a notch and roast them with pure butter to bring out the rich caramel flavours and full-bodied taste – all without trans fat.


chiak toast

Don’t you love kaya toast with your piping hot kopi in the morning? We’ve taken these local favourites and designed our Chiak Toast set. Try our Pandan Kaya & Butter toast, or be adventurous with the Black Sesame butter & Vanilla Custard toast.

chiak pumpkin porridge

If that doesn’t fill you up for breakfast, nourish your body with our comforting, creamy pumpkin porridge. Ours is served with pulled chicken or stewed peanuts, top with antioxidant-rich goji berries, scallions and garlic oil.

Get creative

chiak bowl

Start your Chiak bowl with a choice of noodles, rice or salad. Build it up with comforting Asian proteins – think juicy melt-in-your-mouth belly pork char siew, addictive spicy basil chicken and tasty red miso salmon. Balance it with your choice of vegetarian sides. Highlights include Wakame fungus salad, mango mixed salad and sous vide eggs. Bring it to life with crunchy toppings and homemade dressing or slow-cooked soothing chicken or miso broths. Get creative, do it your way.


chiak mantou

We’ve taken liberties with our sandwiches, combining Western baking techniques with a favourite Asian food. Our fluffy butter brioche sandwiches are shaped like a mantou and bursting with our signature flavours. Choose between the succulent baked pork belly, custardy prawn otah or sesame pulled chicken.

Visit Us


Visit us and you’ll most likely find Ah Bee (pictured above) serving you behind the counter. Chiak is located at Mapletree Business City. Drop by for a comforting bowl of noodles and some really good kopi.