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Cedele celebrates the Hands that Feed: Crafting Nourishing Fare

AS WE WIND DOWN our 20th birthday celebration, let’s not forget to commemorate the hands that prepare your food and drinks. Their constant hard work ensures that the quality of your meals stay tip top and we can continue to feed you well.



heru cedele chef

Hernuddin Bin Syamsuddin
(also known as Heru)
Area chef


As an area chef, what do you do, other than cooking?

I look after 5 outlets and the staff in the kitchens.

How long have you worked here?

I’ve been here since 2006. I remember how on my first day, Ms Cheng personally taught me about our Cedele dishes in the Great World City outlet.

What’s your biggest challenge working in Cedele?

Mastering a new menu can be rather stressful. The challenging part is teaching the staff and ensuring the highest quality across all outlets.

How would you describe Ms Cheng?

She is a true businesswoman who really cares for the company. Without her talent and intelligence, Cedele won’t be where we are today. She is more than a boss, she really helped me so much, I feel extremely grateful and want to do my best for her.

Cheok Sin Soon
(Ah Soon)
Area Chef


How was your first day at Cedele?

My first day was 10 years ago at our Wheelock Place outlet, before it underwent renovations. I had to figure out the kitchen structure and learn how to make and wrap sandwiches. One week later I would learn how to cook our pastas and scrambled eggs.

What challenges do you face in your work here?

Initially I would learn a new dish at work and practise making it at home, to perfect it. I also struggle with my English, but being in Cedele has helped me improve.

What are you proud of, so far, in your time here?

It’s simple: I feel satisfied when a customer finishes the food I cook.

Share an unforgettable memory of your time in Cedele.

Not long after I joined the company, when I was working at our outlet at Wheelock place, one of the water pipes clogged and the kitchen was flooded, with water up to 3 inches high. We had to close the shop for the day and spend the day cleaning up but everyone was still committed to the task at hand and still kept positive.

Share something people don’t know about you.

Before Cedele, I worked in a Chinese restaurant, which was very busy without any time to rest. I had to clean seafood and would take 3 minutes to clean a box of 30 crabs.

soon cedele chef
nigel barista

Watch Nigel create latte art here

Nigel Lee
Barista & Beverage Development Executive


How long have you worked in Cedele and how does a typical day at work look like for you?

Before I joined Cedele, I was working shifts in 3 different cafes. I’ve been here for a year now. I go to the different outlets to check on the coffee quality and conduct training for our staff. I also come up with new beverage products for special occasions like the festive seasons.

What do you enjoy about working in Cedele?

Other than the chance to improve my coffee skills, I really enjoy meeting new people. It could be the customers I encounter or the staff I meet at various outlets.

In your one year in Cedele, what are you proud of achieving?

I’m proud of our coffee quality, as well as the Turmeric Honey Latte. It took months to research and experimenting to create it from scratch.

How have you personally changed since you joined Cedele?

I’ve started reading food labels, and started eating salads!

Do you have a favourite outlet?

I enjoy working at our newest concept, Greater Lot, because there’s more interaction with the customers, not just grab-and-go.