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Cedele celebrates the Hands that Feed: Closer to your Home

WE CONTINUE CELEBRATING our 20th year by highlighting the people who help us feed you well. While we love to serve you in the midst of the bustle of the CBD, we’re paying close attention to the hands that are bringing our nutritious food closer to you and your homes.

Susan Tham
Store in-charge: Frankel


How long have you worked at Cedele?

More than 17 years. After years in the hotel industry, Cedele was supposed to be my semi-retirement job.

What motivates you?

My regular customers at Frankel bring me joy. Since we serve a neighbourhood, our regular customers feel like old friends. This work also keeps me fit and helps me stay healthy, and I’ll work as long as I still can.

Share some good memories of your time here.

When I first joined the company, there were only 1 or 2 outlets. I remember times when everyone, including the bosses, would be working together to get things done. It could be as simple as cutting brownies or cakes.

Share something that people don’t know about you.

I enjoy doing Sudoku, I like the challenge and it’s fun.


Muhammad Fairuz Zainal
Area Manager of 9 stores

How did you start working at Cedele?

I initially started working at Cedele part time, while looking for a full time job. I eventually joined full time and it has been 10 years.

How has your experience in Cedele been?

I’ve really learnt a lot since joining the company. When I first started, I felt rather out of place because we were selling all these European breads. It piqued my interest and made me interested in knowing more – I spoke a lot to Ms Cheng and learnt a lot about our food and business from her.

How would you describe Ms Cheng?

She’s a mentor and advisor in many ways. Whenever I encounter a problem, she will readily give me advice or offer a solution. She’s also very focused and is a good communicator.

Share something people don’t know about you.

I’m an avid marathoner. I’d love to run some marathons overseas one day.

Safiyyah Binte Baguradin
Store Manager at Mapletree Business City


How long have you worked here?

I’ve been working here for 10 years. On my first day of work I was a 21 year old reporting to our outlets at Republic Plaza and Raffles City.

Do you have a favourite Cedele cake?

It’s no longer available, but I really loved our Chocolate Pistachio cake.

Share a good memory of your time in Cedele.

Back then, the company was still relatively small, with less outlets and staff. We would have many company gatherings, dinners. On special occasions, there would be cooked meals from the Central Kitchen. At one of our D&Ds (dinner & dance), I was the emcee – that was fun!

What are you most proud of from your time in Cedele?

When I first started, I was still playful and took work very lightly. Ms Cheng would often give me pep talks to motivate me. I’ve really grown to develop a good work ethic, to value punctuality, commitment. I’ve gone from being a Café Associate to my current position as a Store Manager. It’s an opportunity I’m extremely thankful for.

How would you describe Ms Cheng?

She is compassionate, friendly and understanding. She literally saw me grow up while working in the company. When I went through a rough patch personally, she would send me quotes to encourage me. Her compassion is something I really admire and respect.

Share something people don’t know about you.

I love to read. My favourite author is Cecelia Ahern.