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Cedele celebrates the Hands that Feed: the CBD Connection

OUR BUSIEST OUTLETS are packed into the central business district (CBD). It’s where our quick service Bakery Cafés are well-positioned to offer you a healthy fare of sandwiches, design-your-own salads and soups to feed you throughout the day. As we commemorate our 20th year, we celebrate the people whose hands have made your experience at our CBD outlets a breeze.



Zetti Anwar
Store in-charge: Robinson Road

How long have you worked in Cedele?

It’ll be 10 years this July. I started out as a sandwich maker in our Novena Square outlet.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Probably the morning rush and making sure everything gets done and is ready for lunch.

How would people describe your working style?

People don’t usually know that I can be quite fierce, especially when training staff. I feel like once I’ve committed to something I must do my best for it.

What’s your impression of Ms Cheng?

She’s a very successful entrepreneur and is also great with customers.

Ting Leong Yew
Area Manager for 10 outlets


How long have you been working at Cedele?

I’ve been working at Cedele for about 5 years. I actually started as a baker in the Central Kitchen, before transferring to the front line.

What is the best thing about working in Cedele?

I love the brand and the food. But more importantly, the teamwork here is not easy to get anywhere else.

How has working here changed you?

I used to be really hot tempered, but I think my temperament has changed over the years. I’ve learnt to seek out solutions instead of finding fault with people.

I’m extremely grateful that the bosses gave me the opportunity to start working in the service line, even though I had no prior experience.

Share a good memory of your time here.

Setting up our Star Vista outlet was quite a crazy and stressful time. It was just me and another colleague managing the new store. I was handling the queue, the cashier point and the bar all at once. I had to ask the other store managers for help – calling them to come over to help me after their shifts. It was tough but it made me realize how resilient I need to be when working in this industry.

As an Area Manager, do you have a favourite outlet?

I have a soft spot for our City Square branch (although it isn’t under my authority). I worked there for 1½ years and developed quite a good relationship with the landlord and regular customers.



Felicia Goh
Store Development Executive
(also known as Cedele’s fastest sandwich maker,
when she was working at the outlets)


When did you join Cedele?

I started in the company in 2002. It’s been 15 years!

What are your favourite Cedele foods?

I really like our Rosemary Chicken sandwich and our Red Velvet cake.

As someone doing store development, what exactly do you do?

I ensure that the bosses’ ideas for new stores come to pass, by working with contractors and other suppliers to set up a store. Other than opening stores, I also look into set up, maintenance and service.

What do you like best about working at Cedele?

There are always different challenges to overcome and new skills to learn. When I first started I was inexperienced, starting as a server in the outlet. Now I’m handling Store Development and I’m thankful for how the bosses provide opportunities for growth.

Judy Lau
Store in-charge: Golden Shoe

How long have you worked here?

Twelve years. I remember my first day when I started in 2005. I underwent training at Frankel before going to our Great World City outlet in the afternoon to learn about our food and beverages.

Do you have a favourite Cedele cake?

I really like our Apple Nut Cheesecake, unfortunately it isn’t available at our stores anymore.

What do you like best about your work?

In the front line, we get to interact with customers from so many of walks of life. This interaction with customers and colleagues has taught me more about the world we live in.

How has working here changed you over the years?

Personally, I feel like I have mellowed over the years. I used to be quick tempered but I realise that when dealing with a younger staff, a firm stance doesn’t always work. Being in the F&B industry has also made me more aware of the food I buy and consume.

In your 12 years here, what are you most proud of?

I’m happy to have successfully set up some stores. I am also proud to pass on what I have learnt to new staff. Whatever I know, I give them. Training is like passing on the baton to the next generation.

Share 3 words to describe Ms Cheng.

She is attentive, energetic and an innovative cook.