Eat Clean with Cedele and get back on track with your wellness goals post CNY

“You can’t outrun your fork” - this popular saying has proven to be overwhelmingly true by medical research. Diet is the key factor to long-term weight and health management, and what you put on your plate accounts for 80 per cent of your weight outcome.

Start achieving your wellness goals post Lunar New Year and get back on track with a healthier diet with Cedele. It just takes a small tweak - just one healthful meal a day - so it won't affect your active lifestyle. No counting calories or restrictive diets like going carb free, just a healthier diet filled with nutrient-dense ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and fibre.

Combine this Eat Clean diet with exercise such as a long walk or yoga three to four times a week to feel better holistically. Afterall, exercise will still help with relieving stress, improving sleep quality and your mood, and decreasing your risk for cardiovascular disease over time.

Meatless Monday @ Cedele
Get $1 off every plant based sandwich and plant based salad bowl on Mondays in the month of March 2019.

The Cedele difference:
You’ll get the freshest and most nutritionally dense ingredients made delicious without nasties. Fresh ingredients pack greater nutritional value which is why Cedele's cooked ingredients which are also made from scratch daily. Salad leaves are triple washed and there are three zero fat dressings made in-house to choose from - roasted carrot ginger (vegan), cashew lime (vegan) and spicy aroy.

Clean eats tips:
Pack your plate with lots of plants and greens – the high water content and fibre will help to detox your gut and reboot your system after a deep cleanse. Add beans, whole grains such as quinoa and root vegetables like sweet potato to your meal. Food with a low glycaemic index will help you feel full for longer as they take a longer time to digest.

For carbs done well, there’s no better choice than Cedele’s signature “Clean Bakes” breads made using a 22-year-old in-house sourdough yeast and unbleached flour that is freshly milled every week. No additives, artificial flavouring, dough improvers, chemical additives, trans fats. Plus, look out for ingredients which are cooked healthier and cleaner. Poaching and roasting are healthier cooking methods which result in a lower fat content for meats.

Recommended Eat Clean salad suggestions from Cedele’s salad bar

1. The right base - Pick a salad base of romaine or spinach for greater dietary fibre, vitamins and antioxidants (spinach has extra iron).
2. Deep cleanse the digestive system - sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, organic red and brown rice all have a high fibre content that helps to cleanse your gut.
3. Detox heroes - special toppings like alfafa sprouts improve digestion and helps detoxify your gut while beetroot detoxifies your liver.
4. Protein power – top your salad with miso mirin salmon, sous vide egg, roast chicken, tofu and lemon tuna for more protein to repair muscles post workout.

Recommended Eat Clean sandwich suggestions from Cedele’s signature sandwiches

Avocado & Veggies Sandwich Grilled Beetroot Patty & Avocado Sandwich Rosemary Chicken Sandwich

1. Whole food plant based sandwiches include the Avocado & Veggies Sandwich ($8.50) and Grilled Beetroot Patty & Avocado Sandwich ($8.50).
2. Rosemary Chicken Sandwich ($8.50) has tasty rosemary herb-flavoured chicken, a white meat that has lower fat and cholesterol.
3. Roasted Chicken & Avocado Sandwich ($9.50) has avocado which is super nutritious and full of good fat that your body needs.

Available at all Cedele Bakery Cafes (except Frankel, which does not have a salad bar).

We are excited to reveal our Christmas brochure today. Let us share with you our way around the season of feasting and gathering.


Lightening things up, our Chocolate Flourless Log Cake uses only cocoa powder in the sponge layer while our Dark Rum Tiramisu alternative uses buckwheat flour to amp up the nutrition and nuttiness of the cake. We have balanced the sweet, salty and tang in our Yuzu Green Tea Polenta Log Cake, non-traditional but certainly a pleasant surprise to bring to any party this year.


For a creamy dessert that reminds you of Thanksgiving and Christmas all at once, have the Christmas Pumpkin Cake. With a creamy yet light mouthfeel, this mousse cake has a chocolate almond crust and is elegantly dressed with Chantilly cream and toasted almonds.



Have you tried our classic pastries? Our meat-free Mince Pies, Classic Aged Fruit Cake and Butter Shortbread are crowd pleasers that never fail to deliver. To turn things up with a twist, we're also introducing new delectable options with a touch of salt such as our Rosemary Olive & Seeds Biscotti, Pumpkin Scallion & Cheese Scone as well as Chocolate Fruit & Nut Salted Squares.


Want to entertain with delightfully light and thoughtful dishes that will make you the hostess with the mostest?


Read all about our feasting ideas and suggestions in our next newsletter or browse our brochure here.

Here's to a wholesome season of joy, from all of us at Cedele.

DID YOU KNOW that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore? Statistics show that one in 11 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, we’re proud to be partnering the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) to celebrate 20 years of raising awareness for this disease. Read on to find out more about BCF's efforts and how you can get involved in this worthy cause.

Pink Ribbon Walk


BCF holds their annual Pink Ribbon Walk on 7 October at Events Square @ Waterfront Promenade from 4pm till 8pm. Although registration has closed for the race categories, you can still come down to show your support for those whose lives are affected by breast cancer.

On top of that, the event will also celebrate 20 years of breast cancer awareness and outreach with Singapore’s very first Pink Ribbon Parade. Come down to witness the spectacular display of contingents made up of pink hummingbirds, stilt walkers and much more! Watch the highlights of last year’s event below.

Pink Ribbon Cake

  breast cancer pink ribbon cake

If you're wondering how you can contribute to this worthy cause, throughout the month of October, we're selling a special Pink Ribbon cake at all our outlets. It is a light vanilla superfood chia seed cake studded with pistachio and finished with slightly sweet raspberry frosting, inspired by BCF's signature double ribbon logo. In line with our ethos, the cake is baked with extra virgin olive oil and organic unrefined sugar, for better nutrition. The cake is available in all our stores and can be purchased whole or as slices. We’re pledging 20% of proceeds from the sale of the cake towards supporting BCF in their cause and efforts.

OUR BAKERY KITCHEN MENU has served our regular community for over the past decade and we think it’s time for a change. The past 20 years of being well would not have been possible if we had not first focused on feeding you well. So with this new menu, we continue to strive to feed you better, focusing on providing wellness in our food one plate at a time.


Better Food Combinations

As our founder, Ms Cheng, plunged into the initial stages of revamping the menu, her extensive reading brought us to the research of William Howard Hay and the idea of Food Combining. More than just concerns about the matter of flavour pairings, the aim of Food Combining is to ensure healthy digestion – something that we, at Cedele, emphasize as well.

Simply put, foods digest at varying rates and require different digestive environments. A guiding principle of food combining is to avoid eating protein with starch, because:

  1. Protein requires an acidic environment and the digestive enzyme, pepsin
  2. Starch needs an alkaline environment and the digestive enzyme, ptyalin

Eating protein and starch together causes the body to release both acid and alkaline solutions, which neutralize each other and slows down digestion. This causes bloating, gas and discomfort.


Introducing Wellness First

With the Wellness First section in our new Bakery Kitchen menu, we have intentionally paired and combined foods that will make you feel good – foods that fuel you. So whether you have a busy day full of appointments, or you need a power lunch that will keep you alert, you can feed your body well and feel energised rather than sluggish thereafter.

To highlight the essential building blocks of any meal, our Wellness First section is divided by the sources of protein in each dish: plant, seafood and egg & meat.

bk menu behind the scenes

Instead of creating a menu that responds to current eating trends, we’ve challenged ourselves to look closely at how our food can heal and be an important aspect of healthy living. So after weeks of recipe testing and staff training, we are proud to present our new menu for our Bakery Kitchens, which strives to put your wellness first. Here are some dishes you can look forward to in each category:

Plant: Portobello Garlic Super Grains

Grilled Portobello and pumpkin sit atop a mix of super grains – red & brown rice, which will help keep you full for longer. This dish is also includes antioxidant-rich gingko nuts and sprouts, which are full of good vitamins and enzymes that aid healthy digestion.

bk menu portobello super grains
bk menu sea bass curried veg

Seafood: Grilled Sea Bass on Curried Vegetables

Enjoy our grilled sea bass, which is low in calories and a great source of protein – served on a bed of hearty, aromatic yoghurt curry vegetables, with fiber-rich garbanzo beans.


Egg & Meat: Garlic Grilled Chicken

Garlic lovers, this one’s for you! We serve grilled chicken thigh topped with crispy garlic bits with a side of warm miso chickpea salad, rocket leaves and millet. Although millet isn't familiar to many, we chose this grain because it is easily digestible and a great source of minerals and fiber.

bk menu garlic grilled chicken

Excited to try our new menu? Visit our Bakery Kitchen outlets at Greenwich V, Parkway Parade, Hill V2, The Star Vista today. The new menu will also be available at of Raffles City level 3 outlet by the end of this month.

IF YOU FREQUENT our Greenwich V or Parkway Parade outlets, you probably will notice some changes to our menu. We're in the midst of launching a revamped menu for our Bakery Kitchen outlets, challenging ourselves to craft mindful dishes that will please your taste buds and encourage healthier digestion to keep you satisfied and light. As we transform our menus to bring these new dishes to all our Bakery Kitchen outlets, here are some highlights you can look forward to on the menu.


Tofu Furikake Salad

bakery kitchen tofu furikake

Our menu revamp has got us experimenting with ingredients that are found closer to home. Commonly used in Chinese cooking, wood ear fungus is a source of iron and protein and is high in fibre. We’ve added this local ingredient into our Japanese-inspired Tofu Furikake salad. Along with gingko nuts and activated seeds, it brings an added crunch and essential vitamins to fuel your day.    

Prawn & Avocado Coriander Egg Wrap

bakery kitchen prawn avocado coriander egg wrap

The time has come to give our gourmet thins a much needed upgrade, and thanks to our Head Chef, Connie, we now offer our egg wraps to bring you heartier selections. Our Prawn & Avocado Coriander egg wrap will make for a great brunch option - wrapped within an egg omelette on a crisp wheat wrap, we roll these ingredients together with gluten-free millet, melted mozzarella and our house-made coriander pesto to keep every bite moreish and satisfying.


Empress Chicken Pasta 

bakery kitchen empress chicken pasta

Our new Asian-inspired pasta is the perfect umami dish. With a crisp grilled chicken thigh atop pasta with gingko nuts, shimeji mushrooms and sweet peas, we bring the dish together with our own oriental sesame oil aglio olio.


Kerabu Brown Rice with Grilled Guava 

bakery kitchen kerabu brown rice

Another local ingredient we've added to our menu is guava, a fruit that is low in sugar and packed with vitamin C. We serve it grilled with a touch of butter and cinnamon in our Kerabu Brown Rice. The dish is inspired by Nasi Kerabu, a traditional Malaysian dish which is perfumed with native herbs and spices - curry leaf, lemongrass, and turmeric, then top it off with crispy tempeh and sprouts.


Wonder what's going through our minds as we revise our menu? Go behind the scenes with us and find out more about our new menu in our next blog post.

OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY has come and gone, but it would be careless if we did not shine a spotlight on the hands that feed you through our other brands. While they might not appear in Cedele uniforms, they are still very much a part of our Cedele family. Like the many people we’ve featured in this ‘Hands that Feed’ series, these hardworking folks are dedicated to serving you the best - from grain bowls to fresh salads - from our other brands.


Toss & Turn is our own salad bar concept, opened in 2012 with the intention to offer healthy, customizable salads for all. 

tnt henney

Wonder what Henney does at work?
Watch her in action here

Henney Loh 
Store manager
Toss & Turn (ION Orchard)

How long have you worked here? 

I've been working for two and a half years. And I’ve been here [at the Ion Orchard branch] since my first day.

What would you order at Toss & Turn? 

A base of spinach leaves, cheese, roast chicken, corn, edamame, cranberries with Caesar dressing.

What do you like best about working here? 

My colleagues, especially the wonderful aunties who work really hard. Without them I really won’t be able to operate the outlet.

Share something about yourself. 

I like to watch anime. My favourite is One Piece.


Lee Nah
Café Associate
Toss & Turn (ION Orchard)

How long have you worked here? 

More than half a year.

What’s your favourite thing about working here? 

The teamwork – we’re like a family here. Everyone works together to get things done.

What would be your order at Toss & Turn? 

A base of spinach leaves, tuna, mushroom with a vinaigrette dressing

Share something people don’t know about you. 

I love to exercise! I do Zumba twice a week.

tnt lee nah

Conceived as a refuge from the daily grind, Workspace Espresso Bar offers business professionals a respite from their busy work schedule, with a cup of specialty coffee and a hearty warm grain bowl.

wsp jj

Chee Jing Jie
(also known as JJ)
Assistant Store Manager
Workspace Espresso Bar


How long have you been working at Workspace?

I’ve been here for more than a year. I started here soon after graduating from university.

What do you like best about your job?

I enjoy interacting with our customers. We get so many different people here, so it’s challenging and fun at the same time. It’s definitely a feel good factor to have regular customers who return again.

What motivates you to continue working?

Customers – I feel happy when I serve them and they feel happy and satisfied.

How would you describe Ms Cheng?

Motivating, intelligent, knowledgeable. Her confidence rubs off on others, it makes them feel confident too.


Alicia Koh
Store Manager & Head Barista
Workspace Espresso Bar


How long have you worked here?

I’ve been here for more than a year, since we opened. I was working as a barista in an independent café before this.

What is the most rewarding thing about working here?

The satisfaction in knowing that you brightened up someone’s day with good service.

Any great memories of your time here?

When my ex-customers from my old café found out that I worked here, they came by and have become regulars. That’s pretty special.

Share something that people don’t know about you.

I collect sneakers. But I don’t wear them to work because they will get dirty pretty quickly.

workspace alicia

Named after the dialect equivalent in Hokkien for ‘Eat’, Chiak pays homage to local homestyle flavours and is essentially a return to our roots. We connect tradition with modern twists to our dishes so that we can keep ideas fresh whilst serving real food that comforts you like home. 

chiak sin yi

Ng Sin Yi
(affectionately known as Ah Bee)
Service leader & Store in-charge at Chiak

How long have you been working at Chiak? 

It’s been a year. Before this, I worked as a barista.

What do you like best about working at Chiak? 

I love how our team feels like family.

How have you grown in your role here? 

When I was asked to take charge of the store I felt a lot of pressure because I was afraid of the responsibilities. Now I am more confident of running the store, managing the ordering.

Any unforgettable experience in your year here? 

Our customers are really friendly. Some of our regulars even bring us gifts from their overseas trips or during the festive seasons (like Chinese New Year).

Share something people don’t know about you. 

I am trained in both traditional and western coffee styles.

Greater Lot is a collective foods store featuring a bakery, retail store and dining that supports your eating choices. With a superfoods menu, we are committed to serving natural and wholesome foods, a variety of bakes using unrefined sugar and natural beverages without additives to fuel you with the freshest we can get our hands on.

Jerry Er
Assistant Store Manager at Greater Lot

How long have you been working here? 

Just a short two months. I trained at the Cedele outlets at Robinsons Road and Wheelock Place before working at Greater Lot.

You’re pretty new to the company, do you have a favourite dish? 

I really like Cedele’s Chicken Mushroom Miso Chowder and Chocolate Banana Espresso cake. At Greater Lot, I enjoy our Beef Stir Fry & Prawn Grain Bowl.

What motivates you daily? 

Interacting with customers. It’s a great feeling to know that your customers are satisfied. It’s the small things, like the way they say goodbye when they leave.

Share 3 phrases you’d use to describe Ms Cheng. 

She is caring, passionate and pays great attention to detail.

What do you hope to achieve at Greater Lot? 

I hope to provide an environment where people enjoy working together. My hope is for the crew to pick up skills and progress as people in the F&B industry.

greater lot jerry

AS WE WIND DOWN our 20th birthday celebration, let's not forget to commemorate the hands that prepare your food and drinks. Their constant hard work ensures that the quality of your meals stay tip top and we can continue to feed you well.

heru cedele chef

Hernuddin Bin Syamsuddin
(also known as Heru)
Area chef


As an area chef, what do you do, other than cooking?

I look after 5 outlets and the staff in the kitchens.

How long have you worked here?

I’ve been here since 2006. I remember how on my first day, Ms Cheng personally taught me about our Cedele dishes in the Great World City outlet.

What’s your biggest challenge working in Cedele?

Mastering a new menu can be rather stressful. The challenging part is teaching the staff and ensuring the highest quality across all outlets.

How would you describe Ms Cheng?

She is a true businesswoman who really cares for the company. Without her talent and intelligence, Cedele won’t be where we are today. She is more than a boss, she really helped me so much, I feel extremely grateful and want to do my best for her.

Cheok Sin Soon
(Ah Soon)
Area Chef


How was your first day at Cedele?

My first day was 10 years ago at our Wheelock Place outlet, before it underwent renovations. I had to figure out the kitchen structure and learn how to make and wrap sandwiches. One week later I would learn how to cook our pastas and scrambled eggs.

What challenges do you face in your work here?

Initially I would learn a new dish at work and practise making it at home, to perfect it. I also struggle with my English, but being in Cedele has helped me improve.

What are you proud of, so far, in your time here?

It’s simple: I feel satisfied when a customer finishes the food I cook.

Share an unforgettable memory of your time in Cedele.

Not long after I joined the company, when I was working at our outlet at Wheelock place, one of the water pipes clogged and the kitchen was flooded, with water up to 3 inches high. We had to close the shop for the day and spend the day cleaning up but everyone was still committed to the task at hand and still kept positive.

Share something people don’t know about you.

Before Cedele, I worked in a Chinese restaurant, which was very busy without any time to rest. I had to clean seafood and would take 3 minutes to clean a box of 30 crabs.

soon cedele chef
nigel barista

Watch Nigel create latte art here

Nigel Lee
Barista & Beverage Development Executive


How long have you worked in Cedele and how does a typical day at work look like for you?

Before I joined Cedele, I was working shifts in 3 different cafes. I’ve been here for a year now. I go to the different outlets to check on the coffee quality and conduct training for our staff. I also come up with new beverage products for special occasions like the festive seasons.

What do you enjoy about working in Cedele?

Other than the chance to improve my coffee skills, I really enjoy meeting new people. It could be the customers I encounter or the staff I meet at various outlets.

In your one year in Cedele, what are you proud of achieving?

I’m proud of our coffee quality, as well as the Turmeric Honey Latte. It took months to research and experimenting to create it from scratch.

How have you personally changed since you joined Cedele?

I’ve started reading food labels, and started eating salads!

Do you have a favourite outlet?

I enjoy working at our newest concept, Greater Lot, because there’s more interaction with the customers, not just grab-and-go.

  ndp bake sale

Updated on 8 Aug: Our CBD outlets are closed during National Day but you can get your baked goods and other Cedele food at all other outlets during the National Day public holiday. Click here to locate your nearest Cedele outlet.

WE'RE CELEBRATING SINGAPORE'S 52nd birthday with a bake sale! We're offering 20% off all our baked items that you takeaway: our cakes, pastries and breads. From 7 August to 10 August, drop by one of our outlets to pick up some baked goodies for your National Day plans. Head down to your nearest Cedele to grab some great bakes or if you’re heading out to see the fireworks on National Day and need some last minute picnic supplies, our Raffles City and Suntec City outlets are open and nearest to the parade grounds.

Here are some of our top recommendations that you can count on this National Day:

cedele bake sale cake

If you're looking for local flavours this National Day, try our Gula Melaka Pandan cake. The soft, aromatic pandan cake is layered with kaya (steamed egg pandan custard) before it is frosted with a sweet-salty layer of gula melaka cream cheese and a sprinkling of fresh coconut flakes.

We also offer pound cakes which come in a wide variety of flavours. They're great for sharing, especially if you're going to be out watching the fireworks with a group of friends. Our Almond Semolina sugee cake is inspired by the old style Eurasian sugee cakes, textured with ground almond and semolina and scented with rose water. Other flavours include the citrusy Yuzu Cranberry and the popular Pandan Butter cake.

  Cedele bread bake sale  

Looking for a hearty loaf? We hold true to our ethos by making our breads without improvers, emulsifiers, premixes or artificial ingredients. We combine natural ingredients like fresh unbleached flour from a local mill every week, combining it with labourious traditions like a long fermentation process to honour the quality of slow preparation to yield our signature artisan breads. Choose from the heart-friendly Wholemeal 4 Seeds loaf to the flavourful and moist crumb of our Wholemeal Beetroot boule.

Cedele bake sale pastries

For sweet breads, try our low- fat Cinnamon Swirl, or smaller rolls which you can grab on-the-go. Pick up a classic Hot Cross Bun or a Raisin Brioche roll before you head over to watch the NDP fireworks, or how about some light bites with our buttery, flaky and just downright delicious pastries. We've got a selection that varies from outlet to outlet, but be sure to count on chocolate croissants, fruit tarts or savoury quiches as a midday snack to keep the picnic going!

ndp bake sale

[Click on image to enlarge]

Have a great time at our bake sale, and here's to more years of independence as a nation!

WE CONTINUE CELEBRATING our 20th year by highlighting the people who help us feed you well. While we love to serve you in the midst of the bustle of the CBD, we're paying close attention to the hands that are bringing our nutritious food closer to you and your homes.

Susan Tham
Store in-charge: Frankel


How long have you worked at Cedele?

More than 17 years. After years in the hotel industry, Cedele was supposed to be my semi-retirement job.

What motivates you?

My regular customers at Frankel bring me joy. Since we serve a neighbourhood, our regular customers feel like old friends. This work also keeps me fit and helps me stay healthy, and I’ll work as long as I still can.

Share some good memories of your time here.

When I first joined the company, there were only 1 or 2 outlets. I remember times when everyone, including the bosses, would be working together to get things done. It could be as simple as cutting brownies or cakes.

Share something that people don’t know about you.

I enjoy doing Sudoku, I like the challenge and it's fun.


Muhammad Fairuz Zainal
Area Manager of 9 stores

How did you start working at Cedele?

I initially started working at Cedele part time, while looking for a full time job. I eventually joined full time and it has been 10 years.

How has your experience in Cedele been?

I’ve really learnt a lot since joining the company. When I first started, I felt rather out of place because we were selling all these European breads. It piqued my interest and made me interested in knowing more – I spoke a lot to Ms Cheng and learnt a lot about our food and business from her.

How would you describe Ms Cheng?

She’s a mentor and advisor in many ways. Whenever I encounter a problem, she will readily give me advice or offer a solution. She’s also very focused and is a good communicator.

Share something people don’t know about you.

I’m an avid marathoner. I’d love to run some marathons overseas one day.

Safiyyah Binte Baguradin
Store Manager at Mapletree Business City


How long have you worked here?

I’ve been working here for 10 years. On my first day of work I was a 21 year old reporting to our outlets at Republic Plaza and Raffles City.

Do you have a favourite Cedele cake?

It’s no longer available, but I really loved our Chocolate Pistachio cake.

Share a good memory of your time in Cedele.

Back then, the company was still relatively small, with less outlets and staff. We would have many company gatherings, dinners. On special occasions, there would be cooked meals from the Central Kitchen. At one of our D&Ds (dinner & dance), I was the emcee – that was fun!

What are you most proud of from your time in Cedele?

When I first started, I was still playful and took work very lightly. Ms Cheng would often give me pep talks to motivate me. I’ve really grown to develop a good work ethic, to value punctuality, commitment. I’ve gone from being a Café Associate to my current position as a Store Manager. It’s an opportunity I’m extremely thankful for.

How would you describe Ms Cheng?

She is compassionate, friendly and understanding. She literally saw me grow up while working in the company. When I went through a rough patch personally, she would send me quotes to encourage me. Her compassion is something I really admire and respect.

Share something people don’t know about you.

I love to read. My favourite author is Cecelia Ahern.


LOOKING FOR SOMETHING tasty and light to counter the lunchtime heat? Head over to our Bakery Cafes for some simple sandwiches and fresh salads. Here are some of our favourites.

Simple Sandwiches

We're all about serving you the freshest sandwiches. Our tasty fillings are paired with your choice of our freshly baked breads from our bakery, and all our sandwiches are made to order in-store.

rosemary chicken

Try our classic Rosemary Chicken sandwich (pictured above), with flavours inspired by Thanksgiving. It's been on our menu since we opened in the CBD in 1999. Other tasty fillings include Smoked Salmon with our homemade dill & yoghurt dressing or our popular Beef Mushroom Cheese Burger, made with a homemade 100% lean beef patty, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

beetroot burger

Going meat-free doesn't mean you have to compromise on flavour. Our hefty Beetroot Avocado Burger (pictured above) holds a tasty homemade grilled beetroot patty with chilli jam, avocado, mayo and greens. If you love mushrooms, pick our Mushroom Overload Burger, it is packed to the brim with a grilled 3-mushroom patty, more sauteed mushrooms, greens and Bavarian wholegrain mustard.

sandwich thins

If you're looking for something much lighter, grab our sandwich thins, like our Basil Pesto Chicken with brie and a vegetarian-friendly Veggie Shrooms with peperonata, mushrooms and mozzarella. We offer a range of sandwich thins with exciting flavour combinations!

Fresh Salads

warm deli salad

Want something fresh and easy? You can also choose to Design-Your-Own salad. Pick from our salad bar which is loaded with crisp greens and flavourful deli or protein options. Our deli choices also include our daily rotating warm salad options such as our Red Jewel Chicken Rice salad and our Bulgur Quinoa Tofu salad.

salad & sandwich promo

(Click on image to enlarge)

As our birthday month comes to an end, we're offering in-store deals at our Bakery Cafe outlets as a last hurrah for our 20th anniversary celebrations! Enjoy 1 free add-on with every design-your-own salad purchase or grab 2 sandwiches for $20. See our poster above for more terms and conditions.