A Sneak Peek: What’s New in our Bakery Kitchens

IF YOU FREQUENT our Greenwich V or Parkway Parade outlets, you probably will notice some changes to our menu. We're in the midst of launching a revamped menu for our Bakery Kitchen outlets, challenging ourselves to craft mindful dishes that will please your taste buds and encourage healthier digestion to keep you satisfied and light. As we transform our menus to bring these new dishes to all our Bakery Kitchen outlets, here are some highlights you can look forward to on the menu.


Tofu Furikake Salad

bakery kitchen tofu furikake

Our menu revamp has got us experimenting with ingredients that are found closer to home. Commonly used in Chinese cooking, wood ear fungus is a source of iron and protein and is high in fibre. We’ve added this local ingredient into our Japanese-inspired Tofu Furikake salad. Along with gingko nuts and activated seeds, it brings an added crunch and essential vitamins to fuel your day.    

Prawn & Avocado Coriander Egg Wrap

bakery kitchen prawn avocado coriander egg wrap

The time has come to give our gourmet thins a much needed upgrade, and thanks to our Head Chef, Connie, we now offer our egg wraps to bring you heartier selections. Our Prawn & Avocado Coriander egg wrap will make for a great brunch option - wrapped within an egg omelette on a crisp wheat wrap, we roll these ingredients together with gluten-free millet, melted mozzarella and our house-made coriander pesto to keep every bite moreish and satisfying.


Empress Chicken Pasta 

bakery kitchen empress chicken pasta

Our new Asian-inspired pasta is the perfect umami dish. With a crisp grilled chicken thigh atop pasta with gingko nuts, shimeji mushrooms and sweet peas, we bring the dish together with our own oriental sesame oil aglio olio.


Kerabu Brown Rice with Grilled Guava 

bakery kitchen kerabu brown rice

Another local ingredient we've added to our menu is guava, a fruit that is low in sugar and packed with vitamin C. We serve it grilled with a touch of butter and cinnamon in our Kerabu Brown Rice. The dish is inspired by Nasi Kerabu, a traditional Malaysian dish which is perfumed with native herbs and spices - curry leaf, lemongrass, and turmeric, then top it off with crispy tempeh and sprouts.


Wonder what's going through our minds as we revise our menu? Go behind the scenes with us and find out more about our new menu in our next blog post.